Brad Close
Executive Vice President, Licensing & Transactions
As Executive Vice President of Licensing and Transactions for Transpacific IP, Brad adds to the strength of the transactions team with his years of experience on patent prosecution and transactions. He is primarily responsible for transacting large patent deals and identifying monetization opportunities. As a patent attorney he had prosecuted hundreds of patent applications prior to moving on to licensing and transactional work. He has also worked on patent sales for companies of various sizes and stages, ranging from young start-ups to multinational companies and conglomerates.

Brad resides in the United States of America and actively engages with clients in the other parts of the world, including Asia and Europe. Fortune 50 companies are amongst Brad’s extensive network of clients.

Within the broad range of technology specialities that Transpacific IP has built up, Brad’s work primarily focuses on high-tech and consumer electronics. He is responsible for identifying opportunities in the intellectual property space, helping clients understand their strategic technology position in the global arena, and moving deals from conception to closing. In addition, Brad performs various types of IP acquisition and valuation.

A known speaker, Brad has spoken on topics such as patent brokering, deal making pitfalls and patent monetization. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Queen’s University in Kingston, a Juris Doctorate, and a Masters of Intellectual Property from Franklin Pierce in New Hampshire, U.S.A. He is admitted to the bar in Virginia, Massachusetts, the District of Columbia and the USPTO.