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  • Connecting Asian & Global IP markets
  • Hundreds of successful transactions
  • Comprehensive strategy
  • Detailed analysis & reports
  • Experts on diverse technology areas
With Transpacific IP's expertise, we've been able to strengthen our feel of the IP landscape and refine our business strategies.
- Neo Kok Beng, CEO, AWAK
Technologies Pte Ltd
Practices that cover all
of your IP needs
Transpacific IP is not just a full-service IP strategy company. We're the ONLY full-service IP strategy company based in Asia.

You can take full advantage of our team's in-depth knowledge of the IP market, advancements in technologies, and industry forecasts. Or you can turn to us for help with just one area of IP, knowing that as your needs evolve, you don't have to look any further than Transpacific IP. What's more, you can rest assured that we're invested in this market too, using our own funds to help finance promising innovations.

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