Fast Facts
  • Connecting Asian & Global IP markets
  • Hundreds of successful transactions
  • Comprehensive strategy
  • Detailed analysis & reports
  • Experts on diverse technology areas
With Transpacific IP's expertise, we've been able to strengthen our feel of the IP landscape and refine our business strategies.
- Neo Kok Beng, CEO, AWAK
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Best-in-class intelligence to
maximize your IP portfolio
Few things move faster than the IP marketplace. Assets can gain or lose value in the blink of an eye. Whole new technology areas can suddenly emerge and render others obsolete. Making your IP portfolio bullet-proof is what drives our team of technologists and market analysts every day.

With our extensive global network of research institutions and top industry and subject matter experts, we'll help you gather the intelligence you need to assess the value of your portfolio, identify any weak spots and offer solutions to your specific IP issues.

Claims Analysis
Gives you a detailed, accurate and objective assessment of patent claims

  • Navigates claim language, papers pertinent to claim construction, and other important documentation to help you make the case
  • Provides reports with essential information for making decisions on licensing and litigation
Prior Art Search
Uncovers critical information through a comprehensive and meticulous search of patents, publications, technologies and products

  • Determines if a new invention is truly unique and worth protecting
  • Supports and validates your licensing and litigation efforts
Due Diligence
Assesses the merits, issues and risks associated with IP transactions

  • Researches and confirms asset values to enable fair and equitable deals
  • Explores potential ownership and other liability issues
Provides you with the true worth of your IP assets based on experience and information from hundreds of comparable deals

  • Evaluates the technical merits of technology innovations to determine the financial and strategic value of your IP assets
  • Gives you the upper-hand in deal negotiations and enables you to leverage these assets to generate value for your portfolio
Litigation Support
Assists in building a strong technical case that will help lower litigation costs and strategically position you for a win

  • Supports your infringement claims and helps defend against infringement allegations
  • Utilizes our experienced team of technical analysts and outside experts to provide strategic guidance and detailed and insightful reporting