Fast Facts
  • Connecting Asian & Global IP markets
  • Hundreds of successful transactions
  • Comprehensive strategy
  • Detailed analysis & reports
  • Experts on diverse technology areas
With Transpacific IP's expertise, we've been able to strengthen our feel of the IP landscape and refine our business strategies.
- Neo Kok Beng, CEO, AWAK
Technologies Pte Ltd
Investing in innovation is part of
who we are
Before founding Transpacific IP, Guy Proulx played a key role in helping startups develop their IP strategies and find suitable investors. This passion for bringing promising innovators together with commercial partners still drives our company today.

When we spot a promising, emerging technology, we often invest our own funds to fuel its growth. We also show our clients how to leverage their IP assets to generate more income for R&D. And we are constantly connecting inventors, researchers and businesses with partners in Asia and around the world who can make their ideas become reality.

Our investments are focused on these areas: