Fast Facts
  • Connecting Asian & Global IP markets
  • Hundreds of successful transactions
  • Comprehensive strategy
  • Detailed analysis & reports
  • Experts on diverse technology areas
With Transpacific IP's expertise, we've been able to strengthen our feel of the IP landscape and refine our business strategies.
- Neo Kok Beng, CEO, AWAK
Technologies Pte Ltd
The number one IP dealmaker for Asian
& Global markets, working on your behalf
Reputation, knowledge and skill can make or break your success in conducting IP transactions. That's why our clients prefer to leverage our reputation as the "go to" dealmaker for local and global markets — and the skill we've gained through hundreds of transactions.

Our close relationships with IP stakeholders often result in early access to sought-after assets. They also give us an advantage in negotiating purchases and licenses. You can expect us to be diligent in conducting background analysis. Count on us to thoroughly manage all of the complexities of doing business with Asian entities. And rely on our inside knowledge of fair market values to help you secure the most favorable price and contract terms.

Patent and Technology Acquisitions
Secures quality IP assets for your portfolio - at a fair price — often through early access.

  • Taps into our extensive global network of reputable companies, research institutions, SMEs and inventors to identify and obtain quality IP assets — often before the rest of the market even knows they're available
  • Manages complicated administrative procedures and ensures that assets are non-encumbered as a result of careful due diligence
  • Capitalizes on our extensive experience handling hundreds of transactions to negotiate a fair price and help you avoid over-paying for assets
Patent and Technology Sales
Ensures that you connect with the right buyers, at the best price, by leveraging our network and reputation in the market.

  • Maximizes established relationships to open doors and make deals on behalf of our clients
  • Gives small inventors strong representation and equal access to the market
  • Employs in-depth market knowledge of comparable deals to negotiate a fair price
Patent and Technology Licensing
Provides a strategic plan and additional resources to grow your business through in-licensing and out-licensing

  • Taps into our worldwide licensing network to identify potential licensors and licensees
  • Facilitates market entry and opportunities to develop new products and services or enhance existing ones
Brand Licensing
Extends your brand in Asian and Global markets

  • Assesses the market, identifies trends and reports on consumer insights
  • Formulates licensing strategies, creates product concepts and determines valuation
  • Oversees operations and product development, launch promotions and distribution