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Passion, Drive and Innovation

Everyone at Transpacific IP — from the executive level to the front desk — is passionate about innovation.

We believe that new ideas and technologies are vital to growth and expansion. We believe that creative thinkers and inventors, paired with business partners, can change the world.

We believe that individuals as well as organizations, small and large, local and global, deserve equal access to the marketplace. We believe that ingenuity should be valued, rewarded and protected.

Our mission, the entire reason we were founded, is to foster new technologies by helping our clients realize maximum gain from their IP assets.

We know that by connecting IP players, patents and processes in the global marketplace, we can help clients gain the greatest value from their IP portfolios — and this in turn helps to fund the next wave of innovation…and the next…and the next.


Leading the way in IP monetization. Connecting Asian and Global Markets.

Asia is the hotbed of technology innovation today. The volume of patents continues to rise at an unparalleled pace. The opportunities are great, but so are the risks.

How do you protect your intellectual property and strengthen your positioning?

How do you navigate the rules, customs, barriers and nuances of this incredibly complex technology marketplace?

How do you evaluate and achieve RIO on your IP portfolio?

And how can you connect with key players and capitalize on the value of your IP assets?

The answer for many organizations and individuals is very clear:

Leverage the expertise of Transpacific IP.

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Strategic IP Planning to Achieve Business Goals


Our Team

Transpacific IP owes its success to the leadership demonstrated by our experienced executive team.

Our executives share a depth and breadth of experience in Asian and global IP markets that is unique in this industry, with years of experience between them. They also share a focus on relationships, a dedication to giving our clients a competitive edge, and a drive for turning opportunities into success stories.

Here are the key members of our executive team: