About Us


Passion, Drive and Innovation

Everyone at Transpacific IP — from the executive level to the front desk — is passionate about innovation.

We believe that new ideas and technologies are vital to growth and expansion. We believe that creative thinkers and inventors, paired with business partners, can change the world.

We believe that individuals as well as organizations, small and large, local and global, deserve equal access to the marketplace. We believe that ingenuity should be valued, rewarded and protected.

Our mission, the entire reason we were founded, is to foster new technologies by helping our clients realize maximum gain from their IP assets.

We know that by connecting IP players, patents and processes in the global marketplace, we can help clients gain the greatest value from their IP portfolios — and this in turn helps to fund the next wave of innovation…and the next…and the next.


Then and Now

Guy Proulx did not set out to form an Asian-based IP strategy and advising company. Instead, it appears that the IP world sought him.

With years of experience in entrepreneurship, C-suite consulting, and venture capital, Guy had earned a reputation as an expert in advising start-up companies on how to leverage intellectual property to attract investors.

Eventually, the investors also sought his assistance in valuing their companies’ IP portfolios, determining where they were vulnerable, and advising and assisting them in acquiring and selling IP assets. A great deal of this work involved connecting companies with IP opportunities around the world.

Even back in 2004, Guy could tell that something special was happening in Asia. Singapore quickly emerged as a hub for IP and technology innovation.

The demand for Guy’s expertise in this market grew as clients from around the world sought an ally who understood this very complicated IP market. It became clear that there was a serious need for a full-service IP strategy and transactions company — one actually based in Asia vs. those claiming to do business there. Since no such company existed, he decided to launch his own. And Transpacific IP was born.



Transpacific IP is THE leading resource connecting Asian and global markets. We are a global IP strategy company with headquarters in Asia.

Our company has grown through the years with locations in key technology hot spots throughout Asia and the world. We’re proud to say that our client roster combines a “Who’s Who” of the Fortune 500, as well as leading organizations throughout Europe, South America, Australasia, the Middle East, and of course, Asia. Just as importantly, we have become an invaluable partner for individual inventors, research labs, universities and organizations of all sizes.


We are as committed as ever to our mission and continue to help hundreds of innovators bring their ideas into the market. We not only identify opportunities — we often lead initiatives to spur innovation, collaborating with government agencies, private investors and even investing our own funds into promising technologies.


Our Team

Transpacific IP owes its success to the leadership demonstrated by our experienced executive team.

Our executives share a depth and breadth of experience in Asian and global IP markets that is unique in this industry, with years of experience between them. They also share a focus on relationships, a dedication to giving our clients a competitive edge, and a drive for turning opportunities into success stories.

Here are the key members of our executive team: