Transpacific IP


Strategic IP planning to achieve business goals

Asian and global IP markets offer tough competition. All the more reason you need the advantages offered by Transpacific IP. We work with you to develop a comprehensive IP strategy that:

1. Aligns with your business goals

2. Protects your IP assets and your competitive position

3. Enables you to maximize opportunities

Transpacific IP’s technology and market experts provide comprehensive expertise across a wide range of technologies and industries to help you capitalize on emerging trends.

We’ll help you determine where to focus your R&D; efforts, what is worth patenting, which assets you need to acquire to protect or grow your portfolio, what to license or sell, and where you can monetize assets for maximum ROI.

Portfolio Development

Ensures that you build a strong IP portfolio to gain or maintain a dominant market position, guide your R&D; efforts, and take advantage of commercial opportunities.

  • Determines the real potential and business challenges of promising technologies based on market analysis, underlying demands for the technology, and critical factors to meet demands

  • Detects issues that may hinder market access to certain jurisdictions, offers solutions to obstacles, and advises on whether to file a patent for an invention
  • Forecasts future advancements and uncovers connections between markets and technologies for long-term gain

Portfolio Management

Constantly monitors and adapts your IP portfolio to keep you on the leading edge of the technological landscape, enable you to seize opportunities, and safeguard your assets.

  • Provides strategic advice on global filings, local designation and/or patent application drafts

  • Produces timely, robust, cost-effective IP documentation to safeguard the integrity of valuable IP assets
  • Registers and manages IP rights over time using a systematic process to ensure protection of your portfolio


Leverages market demand so that you can reap a return on your IP investments, increase your competitive position and finance further acquisitions and research.

  • Monetizes your IP rights by selling and/or licensing assets

  • Creates additional sources of income and reduces IP portfolio costs
  • Determines the “real world” value of new technologies and how to best exploit them for market dominance

Competitive Intelligence

Provides critical information to guide your IP and business strategies by means of data gathering and analysis performed by our industry experts.

  • Dissects competitors’ patent portfolios

  • Reveals competition’s IP and business strategies

Technology Landscaping & Mapping

Guides your technology, product and business development by providing a clear, in-depth understanding of the competitive technology scene.

  • Assesses the potential impact of the technology in the future

  • Provides understanding of broader market opportunities

Investing in innovation is part of who we are

Before founding Transpacific IP, Guy Proulx played a key role in helping startups develop their IP strategies and find suitable investors. This passion for bringing promising innovators together with commercial partners still drives our company today.

When we spot a promising, emerging technology, we often invest our own funds to fuel its growth. We also show our clients how to leverage their IP assets to generate more income for R&D.; And we are constantly connecting inventors, researchers and businesses with partners in Asia and around the world who can make their ideas become reality.

Our investments are focused on these areas:


Consumer Electronics

Information Technology



Green technologies